Echoes of the Andes: Argentinian Malbec Meets Italian Taleggio

Unveiling the Essence of Argentinian Malbec

In the vineyards of Mendoza, where the Andes cast their shadows, lies the birthplace of Argentinian Malbec. Here, the Malbec grape finds its truest expression, crafting wines of depth and character.

Originating from French vineyards, Malbec found a second home in Argentina, embracing the terroir with passion. With its dark hue and velvety texture, Argentinian Malbec embodies the spirit of its homeland.

Each sip tells a story of boldness and grace, of rugged landscapes and delicate nuances. It’s a wine that dances on the tongue, leaving a melody of ripe berries, spicy notes, and a hint of smokiness — flavors that captivate the senses.

Recommended wines

Accessible: Alamos Malbec
Artisan: Catena Zapata Malbec “Adrianna Vineyard”

Discover Italian Taleggio

From the hills of Lombardy emerges Italian Taleggio, a cheese rich in history and flavor. Crafted with centuries-old traditions, this creamy delicacy embodies the essence of its land.

Wrapped in its pinkish-orange rind, Taleggio reveals a velvety interior that melts on the tongue. Its flavor is a blend of buttery sweetness and earthy undertones, with a subtle tang that lingers on the palate.

Legend has it that Taleggio was a favorite among Italian nobility, who savored its taste and texture. Today, it remains a staple on cheese boards, a testament to its enduring legacy.

Recommended cheeses

Accessible: BelGioioso Taleggio
Artisan: Carozzi Taleggio DOP

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